There is no greater joy that we experience at Concho Valley Chiropractic, than working with infants and children.

It should come as no surprise to parents, that the birthing process is incredibly traumatic. Both infants and children are exposed to more traumas than we would readily think, so regular chiropractic visits are an excellent way to make sure that any kids are developing healthily.

General Preventative Care:

One of the main goals of chiropractic is to keep our bodies moving the way they are supposed to. Usually when we start feeling aches and pains as adults, it a result of improper movement over a long time. Having you children regularly adjusted for maintenance helps insure their bodies are moving their best from the start.


Also known as "wry-neck", torticollis is a condition where the muscles of the neck keep a patient's head bent over to the side. Congenital torticollis happens following birth, and many parents have seen their little one's head stuck over to one the side. Chiropractic is a safe and
effective treatment option for infants with torticollis.

Hip Dysplasia:

Our hips function as a ball-in-socket mechanism for our thigh bone. Sometimes at birth the shape of the socket is not quite adequate to accommodate the hip. This is known as congenital hip dysplasia. Treatment varies wildly for hip dysplasia, including braces and surgeries. However, in mild forms chiropractic care can be an excellent choice for managing a growth infant's hip dysplasia.

Other Systems:

Our end goal with chiropractic is to give the body an optimum environment for all systems to function. Our adult patients tell us all the time that they notice improvements in ability to sleep, ability to breathe, and even ability to go to the bathroom following care. When our bodies can shift away from a state of stress there are noticeable improvements in all organ systems. Many of these symptoms are similar to what frustrated parents report seeking care for with their children. While not always a direct treatment, many parents have stated that their children's ear infections, infant colic, asthma, and allergies have significantly improved since starting chiropractic care.

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