Don't Get Thrown Off Your Game

Recover faster from sports injuries in the San Angelo, TX area

Playing sports can be a great way to relieve stress and engage in your community. Unfortunately, it's also a great way to tear your ACL or throw out your back. Concho Valley Chiropractic can help you get your full range of motion back after a sports injury. We'll walk you throw helpful exercises to restore your body.

Our muscle therapy services include performing soft tissue work to help you recover. We can also use Kinesio tape for active therapy and postural correction. It promotes injury recovery and muscle activation.

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Give yourself the space and motivation to heal

Getting injured on the field or the court can be discouraging. With our chiropractic care, you'll be feeling stronger and more confident again in no time. We can teach you various stretches and exercises so similar injuries don't happen in the future. Preventive care is a great way to spare yourself future sports injuries.

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